2010: MSc: Two-Dimensional DNA Nanostructures

Two-dimensional hexagonal structures are assembled from synthetic three-way oligonucleotides. The structure is shown below with arrows indicating oligonucleotides and black dots indicating benzene based three-way nodes. The morphology of the structures is verified using gel electrophoresis and atomic force microscopy. Nodes on the structures can be individually addressed though the formation of DNA triplexes. This feature could be used in a soft-lithography type technique to create non-repetitive patterns on the nanoscale.


Download Thesis: [PDF]

Erik P. Lundberg, Calin Plesa, L. Marcus Wilhelmsson, Per Lincoln, Tom Brown, and Bengt Nordén, “Nanofabrication Yields. Hybridization and Click-Fixation of Polycyclic DNA Nanoassemblies.” ACS Nano 2011 5 (9), 7565-7575. [PDF]

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