2007: Wireless Handheld Gyroscopic Input Device

Designed and developed a USB HID compliant input device using gyroscopic sensors to control a computer cursor. Tasks included investigating drift correction, parts selection, parts sourcing, component layout, soldering, Atmel MCU C programming, and USB device debugging using a USB sniffer.

Functional protoype (seen in video below) featured:

  • USB HID compliant input device
  • USB dongle based around an Atmel AT90USB1287 microcontroller
  • Wireless ZigBee (IEEE 802.15.4) link between USB dongle and Handheld device
  • Handheld unit based around ATmega32 microcontroller
  • Handheld unit optimized for low power consumption
  • Integrated triple-axis accelerometer sensors and dual-axis gyroscopic sensors

Throughout this project my tasks included:

  • Parts selection and sourcing
  • PCB layout with Eagle
  • Soldering components
  • Integrating sensors, circuitry, power source, and buttons into a small handheld form factor
  • Implementation of a custom USB HID enumeration scheme
  • USB HID debugging using a USB packet sniffer
  • Investigating sensor drift
  • Testing usability with users
  • Investigating new methods to address drift
    • Predictive algorithms
    • Dynamic correction algorithms

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